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Dec 20, 2018 15:29:47

ZigZag Your Way to Success

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Brian Ball

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I received an email from my friend Neville today. He's got a system in place for sending out newsletters. He's consistent and the content is original. It's good.

He really knows how to get the word out via email and deliver useful content. He likes to educate and provide tools to people. That is obvious. He gives a lot of value. He's also not afraid to ask us to join him and buy his course.

He sells his Kopywriting Kourse for $500.

What can one get when buying the $500 course that they couldn't get for free via Google searches? There are plenty of tutorials out there. Hundreds of copywriters are trying to prove their value in the marketplace and their content often consists of tutorials. The question is, do you have the motivation, organization and drive to get out there and extract it from the Internet?

When people create courses, they are distilling the nuggets they've learned from books and courses they've studied. That's good. They are providing structure and that has value. It's another line of filtering. I especially like it when they reference their source material.

When you invest in somebody's expensive course, you should get access to them. You're now an official student and they are your teacher. There's an understanding that you have the right to ask questions and get answers. They appreciate when people ask tough questions. It gives them the opportunity to make the course better.

But, how do you evaluate the $500 value and the trade-offs.

What else can you do with $500?

You could simply invest it in Amazon Stock. Even if you don't know anything about stock, you can't really imagine it's going to get less valuable in the near future.

You could purchase 100 $5 gigs on Fiverr and have them make something for you. That would take a lot of ideas, effort and communication on your part. But, even $20 gigs, you could get 25 of.

For example: You could pay somebody to send you a list of passive-income business ideas. Then, you could pick an idea and hire a second person to create a logo. A third person could write some copy for you and a fourth could install a Wordpress blog and hand over the login. If these are $25 gigs, that's only $100 and you could still invest in $400 worth of content and marketing to start the foundations of a business.

All the while, you'll be getting business building and management skills instead of copywriting materials you could find online for free.

If you bought the writing course, you'd have to read and watch and practice the materials in the course. That will take time and you won't get any confidence with your new skills until you have somebody to test them on.

Hopefully you'd already be selling something and could notice immediate gains by applying new skills to your sales and marketing process. You could also just learn on your own. Get books at the library. Use the inter-library loan. Ask around online for good copywriting resources. YouTube, Quora, Google. Unlimited resources. As of today, there are 17,800,000 results for "learn copywriting" in Google. So, essentially, you're getting his specific brand of course structure and thinking and access for $500. Could be worth it.

But, I wonder if it's better to invest in experience rather than more learning materials. Better to try something, make mistakes and get evidence rather than just knowledge. You'll be more interesting if you collect actual experiences rather than just book-knowledge.

Here's an example of how you could proceed.

Find crappy copy online and volunteer to make it better. The startup world ( usually a 20-something programmer at home ) needs help writing for their new software. Places like wip.chat and ProductHunt are full of people who's native tongue is not English, and if English is yours, you could offer to help them.

In addition you could sign up for a dozen newsletters for products and companies you enjoy. Learn from their highly paid copywriters. Dissect their materials. Find sentences and word-patterns that make your heart sing. Steal those. Modify them for your own benefit.

There are lots of ways to succeed without buying somebody's course. You try something. You make a mistake. You learn something. Essentially, you Zig Zag your way to success with experience, not more courses.

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    @brianball This is a great advice! I have to share it

    Basile Samel avatar Basile Samel | Dec 20, 2018 15:57:58
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