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Feb 07, 2019 01:16:59

Zero Email Habit

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I have started adapting the habit of emptying of email inbox by Leo Babuta, author of the book, "The Power of Less" since last year, and it is the best decision I made in 2018.

Benefits of Zero Inbox

I remember looking at my full email inbox with hundreds of old messages from newsletters I subscribed to, and the more I would scroll down, the more it seemed as if it were a bottomless pit of data, and the more I felt stressed.

It was sure a lot of work deleting all of those messages, but the benefits after all is highly rewarding.

An empty space, be it your house or digital space, just imbues a sense of calmness and inner peace which then leads to less mental noise.

I have only three words for it. She's a beaut.

It also brings less FOMO. I have unsubscribed from a lot of newsletters I did not need, but I formerly thought I needed. The only ones I have kept are from Daily Stoic, Pocket, and from an organization that I am a part of.

How To Implement Zero Inbox Habit

First things first, you will be using this tool to get this done quickly. Unsubscribe from all the email subscriptions you do not need or according to Marie Kondo "does not spark joy."

Once that's finished, empty your inbox. This one is the toughest part, but you would survive it. After you delete all of them, empty your trash folder directly. Check your spam too and empty it.

Moving Forward

If you receive an e-mail, you need to decide quickly whether you will trash it, reply to it, or archive it. That's it. The ones that go to your archives are the ones you believe you will be needing for future reading or reference. If it's not important, trash it. If it needs a response, reply right away then trash it or archive it. The result is the same: zero inbox.

Try it for a week and see how it works. It is high time you took control of your digital life slowly and start from your cluttered inbox.


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