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Dec 25, 2018 12:39:14

Your inner child needs some healing

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Hi, sorry, I'm not at all about kumbaya my lord or believe in spirituality or whatever that means. 

No, I like to look at it from a pragmatic angle.

Nobody is perfect, right?

So neither are your loving parents.

You might feel you had a perfect life (you haven't)

There are some parts your parents have neglected when you were a child. 

Not because they didn't love you, but because they're not perfect and not able to address every bit of you. Besides, you as a kid, apart from the basics (food and such) couldn't really express your needs in the words you can probably now.

So that means there are some wounds as we all are imperfect. 

Which is fine, it makes us all different. Would be kinda boring if we were all the same and perfect. Oh, how shallow the word `perfect` is.

Some wounds are larger than others and they need some special attention.

Finding wounds often means looking at how we grew up as kids. 

Most of our character is defined in the first four or five years of our life. We have no control or awareness yet and are thus surrendered to the care of our parents. 

Being honest about all your imperfection is being courageous what you tell yourself and the world. The words are probably not being told or at least not in your face. Untruthfully - even by loved ones - for sake of keeping the peace. I consider someone a real good friend, if that someone can tell me anything. Even if it hurts, we're still able to talk about it. It makes us stronger - both the friendship and personally. Most people are afraid to be direct and honest. So start with yourself. Be as honest to yourself as you can be and learn to communicate this to the outside world in a way. You'll hurt others, but just make sure they can appreciate that in a way, that you can both be honest about it.

Merry Christmas everybody.

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