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Jan 23, 2019 21:57:53

You Have to Remember

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Rasmus Rygh

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You have to remember. Don’t settle, even though it’s tempting. Do you know why it’s tempting to settle?

It’s tempting because settling means you don’t have to make the choice yourself, so whatever happens, it feels like it wasn't your fault. But that’s far from the truth. Not taking action makes you just as much a culprit as taking the wrong action. A person witnessing a murder without trying to prevent it is still doing something terribly wrong. There are few who question that. So remember, remember the things about your life that you want to change. The job you hate, the partner who brings you down, your lack of close relationships. Remember how it hurts, because it will drive you to change it. It will make you not settle for it. If you stay idle the job won’t get better, the toxic partner will keep hurting you, and your relationship won’t get any closer. Knowing you have to change it yourself is painful, that is why so many people drink too much or find other forms of pain relief. Many of us feel helpless in this endeavor, but the truth is we are not.

It just requires a bit of trust in ourselves, some leaps of faith and that willingness to remember, to bite through the pain. 

Topics I will continue to write about. Thank you for reading.
Good night for now. 

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    @rasmusrygh great post. I try to do remember this for everything I do

    Keenen Charles avatar Keenen Charles | Jan 23, 2019 18:04:57
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      @keenencharles Thanks a lot man!

      Rasmus Rygh avatar Rasmus Rygh | Jan 23, 2019 23:23:20
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