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Mar 01, 2019 19:16:09

You are very strange to me, sorry

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A little boy comes to me. He is wearing as a typical child. He is in a warm winter jacket and pants with a hole. 

------------------------- I started to write it, but I lost my inspiration. I gave freedom to my mind and...

I wonder when will be my first drop here? When will I stop to write? Maybe, today? No, definitely no, because I'm writing it now. My words. It comes to my mind and I write it. 

Is it magic? 


My mind is a stream of thoughts. There are a lot of thoughts and I even don't hear all of them. You don't hear my thoughts too. You even don't hear me, because you read me. You hear only your voice in the head. It is not mine. 

Regarding you, I have more possibilities, because I am able to listen to my stream.

Regarding me, you have more possibilities, because I can't listen to your stream.

You can, I can't. You can't, I can.

What do you think about our symbiosis? We won't have any weakness. You can and I can. I can and you can. 

Do you remember this Summer or Autumn? Do you? Don't you? That's great and sadly because you are not from the future. You are from the present time because today is 01.03.2019. There was not Autumn this year yet. Summer wasn't too. 
If you remember, I guess, you have problems with a perception of time.

I don't think that our symbiosis is a good idea. You are very strange to me, sorry. 

I guess that our symbiosis is when "I can't and you can't".

I finish my writing, sorry. But don't regret, because my stream will be with me always. You should focus and listen to your stream of thoughts. Your brain is the only thing that makes reality around you.

I just found solace for you. You will listen to my stream if you imagine my stream in your reality.

Meet you yesterday. Oops, tomorrow. Maybe, today? 

Our symbiosis won't be good until we set time for our meeting.

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