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Dec 23, 2018 20:10:36

Year in personal growth

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Janne Koponen

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As I wrote two days ago there has been a lot going on at work. It has also been an eventful year for me professionally.

I have finally started to grasp the idea of leadership. Building and running a team is a lot more than just being an example. Being there for my team is different than doing the hard things for them. That has probably been the hardest part on my way to becoming a leader. I still occasionally slip into hands-on doing instead of delegating those tasks to somebody else. And trusting them being capable of accomplishing whatever I would do. Or at least guide them to do it themselves instead of doing it myself. Sore, the situation can sometimes be the critical and immediate resolution is required.

Giving up from the hands-on doing hasn't still given me the time to focus on the higher level things. Or rather, I have replaced those things with just other things. My role as an expert has also been in more demand, especially on the sales side. It's also a thing that I have found myself liking to do. So I wish there will be more opportunities for that in the coming year as well.

But it might also mean that I need to make the hard choice between being a team lead or becoming a technology strategist. After finally having a grasp of the leadership I would really like to keep moving forward with it. But the strategist role would definitely offer more interesting opportunities in the future.

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