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Dec 29, 2018 15:17:10

Year end cleanup - email

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It's the usual year-end activity, I will try to clean up some of the things, replace some of the software or services, review what I did this year and set up next year goal, so I guess the next few days is going to full with multiple topics to write.

I was spending the whole morning cleaning up my personal email account, which I register on the year when Gmail was born - the Year 2004. That's a bit scary, I been using the same email address for the past 14 years, so if you know me 14 years ago through online, you can still reach me on the same email, but you can't even reach me on the same phone number I use 14 years ago.

People say photos are full of memory, but I think email as well. While I clean up my labels, I found lots of memory within.

Support email when I build my first WordPress plugin.

Member email when I build a Chinese blogger community.

Founder's email with others when I host the first Singapore WordCamp.

Interview email when I prepare to leave my second job.

Wedding Invitation email that I send out to my colleague and their reply.

Support email I send to Palm when I accidentally crash the screen.

Email with my old time clients when I doing hosting as a part-time business.

All these emails bring back lots of sweet & bitter memory. I clean it up, reduce unwanted labels and move lots of emails under "memory" label.

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