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Mar 04, 2019 19:03:17

WTF: What, acTion, F-moment

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If you want to change something, take an action.

You even shouldn't think, you should just do it. When you overthinking, you waste time.

I want taking an action becomes my habit. Yes. I think that you need to be used to take action.

The complexity and main thing after taking action is to don't stop. DO NO STOP.

______________---------__-_--__---_--___-__---__--___---___ β™₯

To be honest, I am tired so much today. I want to lay on my bed as soon as possible and sleep.

I shouldn't write 200 words in the evening, because I am usually tired. 

Today I become an activist.


When do we start to live together? When does this moment come? 

That's so interesting... Moment.


It comes someday.

Let's imagine the moment. Can you do it? Do you have an interesting feeling? 

You can imagine your moment, not mine. Just imagine how it comes...

When will it come? Does it come in one year? Or maybe in 2 months?

That's not important. The most interesting thing that we don't know when it comes.

It makes you think about what to do to achieve this goal, about your life priorities.


I am really sorry that you are reading this.


Oh, no, I should  pretend that everything is okay with this article, haha.

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