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Jul 10, 2019 17:46:21


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I am not sure if it's not more about laziness but I divided my focus into the days. It means every day I focus justs on a particular thing.

Tuesday blog post, Thursday post on affiliate site, Friday and Saturday working on a new project, Sunday video post, .. Monday and Wednesday I go boxing so I don't have much time to do anything.

I am definitely not working like crazy, still but I can keep with the schedule. At least it worked until now, without the additional work on a new project. so I will see.

I will need to work a little harder for sure but can I work hard? haha
That's why I booked two days for a new project. Maybe I just don't wanna overworked something I am not really sure if it will have some traction.

Just take it easy for a few months, no a big commitment and lets let it grow slowly but surely.

I am not really sure what I wanted to say with this post but at least it took me closer to the 200 words nightmare … some days are just like that hahaha.

Ok, boxing awaits .. Take care.

Stay with me. Efran

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