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May 26, 2019 17:48:10

Writing. Reading. Rithmatic.

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Building a business is plate spinning.

A search on YouTube for plate spinning has you watching some guy on the Ed Sullivan show, but it's a great example. Except, he's very practiced, his scope is manageable, and he's, well, a showman to boot.

But what Business really like?

Start with a service. At the end of the day, you have to be doing something that helps people enough that they'll trade money for. 

If you walk dogs and notice they're getting dirty, you might eventually develop a mobile-dog-washing business to complement the pick-up and drop-off you're already doing. Maybe you'll open a dog-food co-op, where you organize your 20 customers to all buy the best dog food through the co-op and save some money. The add-ons are natural extensions. They grow organically from demand.

But, what if you're trying to imagine what kind of business you could be in and you're just in front of your computer - like I am right now? Where do you start?

They say: "Find an audience that's complaining about a pain and develop a solution."

We look around and start to notice, hey, a lot of people like me are complaining about not knowing how to start a business. So, somebody gets the great idea to start a business selling a course on how to start a business. And that becomes their business.

A few people take the course, and think, I can do better than this bozo. I'm starting a Start Your Business Faster!™ course and it'll be even cheaper. Ad infinitum.

Alas, starting is hard enough what makes it really unbearable sometimes is the spinning of the plates. New customers. Customer support. Product development. Content marketing. 

Writing. Reading. Rithmatic. ( the books ) -- now you know how I feel.

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