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Apr 22, 2019 00:17:05

Writing a novel on 200wad?

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Philipp Haidenbauer

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It's now a few minutes after midnight. I can't sleep as I worked out about an hour ago and showers always wake me up. Especially as I'm showering cold after a workout. Don't get me wrong I woke up about 8 a.m. and I feel my brain getting tired, but I thought, why not get my ideas for the day down.

I know, I'm missing the headline, but I need to get 200 words out of my slowly and not so awake mind. 

I have got an idea about a novel in my head for about half a year, or is it a year? It is not only an idea any more I've got some plot ideas and probably a way to get to them.

As I am writing now the seventh day, I thought why not ask this community a question. Or multiple:

Did someone try something like writing a novel 200 words a day?

Is there someone in this community regularly writing novels, or thinking about it?

Would you guys be interested in some kind of sci-fi thriller thingy?

Would you be ok with it, being stopped in the middle, as some other idea might pop up and occupy the 200 words, probably for multiple days?

210, yay. Now let's go to sleep :) 

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    @phaidenbauer I tried writing an ebook too, but got bored. 😆 Or rather, after I started writing it, I realised it wasn't something I wanted to write. Which is great! Writing in bits, 200 words a day, helped me come to that realisation sooner, than if I went straight into writing whole chunks.

    Jason Leow avatar Jason Leow | Apr 22, 2019 21:22:04
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    @phaidenbauer @timsubiaco tried writing a novel, I don't know at which stage it is

    Basile Samel avatar Basile Samel | Apr 22, 2019 09:05:49
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