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May 08, 2019 23:00:05

Write tomorrow's post today.

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Brian Ball

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Make tomorrow's writing easier. Before you go to bed, start a new draft.

Give it a title or don't.

Start writing.

Maybe brainstorm some things you want to talk about.

At first, I thought 200wordsaday was trying to get to 200. Most days I could, some days I wouldn't.

But, if I think about writing 1,000 or 1,500 words a day, 200 seems like a coffee break.

It's getting a single idea and fleshing it out a little. It's adding some detail and answering a couple more of this questions floating around in my head.

I think, I wish all of us would just write like crazy. Sure, the words counts will add up and we won't have time to read everybody's posts - not even re-read our own. But, if somebody does stumble across something, we can always share it with those we know and think should be apprised.

Throw in a new word or two. If it's not routine - make it one. I don't currently have the Word-A-Day habit, but it might be a fun subject to have at the top of the page. ( a Patron feature possibly )

Then, if you get down to the end of the page and a theme arose -- you now have a title.

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