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Write for your goals, not your streak

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I let my streak go this weekend when I realised I was heading in that direction. I mistakenly thought that it was my commitment to my new regime that meant I had to write, despite the pressures of the day. But fortunately my personal growth work, specifically recognising ego and overcoming its influence, helped lift the veil.

On Saturday, after a busy but rewarding day, including quality time with my daughter, I reached 11pm without having written a word. I began to panic ("You have 38 minutes and 42 seconds left to write before the end of the day"!) and while there are a million topics waiting to stream from my fingers, I felt I didn't have the time to do them justice - I need at least an hour to write a blogpost.

So I just wrote a "stream of consciousness" post and once I had passed the 200 words, I hit publish and returned to my paternal duties. 

Now, sometimes what I write off the cuff is quite amusing (birthday cards, for example) or even inspiring, so some on my email list have said, but not when it's forced. It's also not the same writing for family and close friends who share my quirky sense of humour, as for the world at large, much less a community of writers. So aside from a not-so-oblique reference to Terminator, I was more embarrassed with it than proud of continuing my streak.

More importantly, I had not achieved anything that moved me closer to my goals, the reasons I am writing (more or less!) every day. So on Sunday, after singing in a concert with my local choir, cooking and enjoying a steak lunch with a nice bottle of local wine I had been saving, and doing some much needed gardening, when I sat down by the fire to write, next to my daughter, I reset my priorities and set aside the laptop, after deleting the previous night's post.

If any of this resonates with you, here I encourage you to remember why you are writing. What are your goals? To publish a book? Keep up regular blogging? Practice and improve?

Tomorrow I will be publishing some tips on how to do that, but the purpose of this post (which coincides with @gabrielgreco's post on how to maintain a streak, which I read with interest as I logged on to write this and my own tips), is to make you stop and think about why you are here at all. 

And make sure you continue to think of 200wad and the writing process itself, as a positive thing which you, and you alone, are responsible for using to achieve your goals. Just as with life itself, of course.

The rest of the community are here to help - hence my returning to write exclusively here (this is not going anywhere else), to try and help others here, itself a valuable lesson for success. To succeed we need to be continually striving to create value and the best way to do this is through service.

Keeping that in mind will ensure you write for the right reasons (the write reasons, if you like...sounds like the title of my next post!) and stay motivated.

[Edit: you can read the next post in the series, which sets out my 4 steps to keep going and achieve your goals here.]

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    @arthurkendall It's all about the goals, I agree. Even if that goal is to prove you can hold a 30 day streak, you have to aim for something, for sure.

    Gabriel Greco avatar Gabriel Greco | Jan 28, 2019 18:17:07
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      @gabrielgreco If that 30 day streak leads to a new habit you want to adopt, sure. I do think you need to be clear about the benefits of that new habit, though. A goal without a "why" is like a New Year's Resolution, and your sub-conscious will always win over any conscious choice, looking for difficulties and reasons to let it go.

      Of course, writing is often the what AND the why, so if the goal is to build that discipline over 30 days, just because you love writing then you can succeed and something will emerge just from you taking action.

      Arthur Kendall avatar Arthur Kendall | Jan 29, 2019 10:48:54
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    @arthurkendall the "write reasons"! 😆hahah good pun! Love it

    Jason Leow avatar Jason Leow | Jan 28, 2019 21:14:59
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      @jasonleow Thanks! Made me chuckle

      Arthur Kendall avatar Arthur Kendall | Jan 29, 2019 10:23:44
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