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Mar 13, 2019 23:04:19

Worldbuilding II

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Jason Leow

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I still don't know what to write, so I'm cheating again today. Doing some more research to get inspiration on writing worldbuilding topics. Check out some of these awesome questions about worldbuilding:

Everything alive in the world dies this instant. Without bacteria to decompose anything, what happens to the remains? What does this look like?

Explanation as to why Male/Female Wizards have sexy bodies

How can waste from the body be removed without being expelled from the anus?

In a fantasy world where physical training has no hard limit, why isn't everyone a superhuman?

How Long Could an β€œEternal” Fire Last?

Multiple β€œkeys,” multiple β€œdoors”. Any β€œkey” fits any β€œdoor” but a β€œkey” can only be used once. How could such mechanic be described lore-wise?

How do I begin to explain that my orcs may survive by eating soil?

Galactic Law Enforcement - Handcuff Alternatives

How could elves survive without any fat cell in their body?

What sort of armour would a bounty hunter wear in the medieval age?

Is pregnancy in zero-g a barrier to long term space living?

Chemical weapon to kill a werewolf

Ensuring an endless war, and an endless stalemate

Sword in the rock - make it last the ages

Is there a liquid that could protect a human inside it from impact?

Wow what interesting questions from the Worldbuilding Stack Exchange! Just try to imagine a possible answer to one of that for a sec. Use what science you might remember from those science classes back when you were in school. Try to write it out using the techniques your English teacher taught you for creative essay writing. Link that to the imaginary worlds in the video games you might have played in your buddy's basement, or the fantasy books you might have read.

All this stuff you did as a kid, coming together in one short and neat little post. Better than writing emails, isn't it?

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