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Jan 22, 2019 02:45:12

Workout progress update

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David nge

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I've been following the workout plan from Bigger, Leaner, Stronger for 2 months+ and wanted to write my thought on the progress.

I started on November 9th and have been tracking the weights I'm carrying ever since.

The main idea from Bigger, Leaner Stronger for me was to

- Train for 3 days/week, 1 hour for each session

- For all the weight training that I do, I should increase the weight whenever I fulfil the 3 sets of 6 reps for that workout.

- Drink 2-3L waters per day

- I should get these macro nutrient daily: 140g protein, 280g of carbs, 46g fat 

The Good

- I've been able to consistently workout 3x per week since I started

- I gained ~2kg in mass

- I've managed to increase the weights for most of the exercise. The proudest one is to be able to deadlift 140kg.

-   The biggest weight difference is probably barbell squat. I remember squatting at 80kg was really difficult for me. Last week I was able to do 105kg

The not so good 

- 2kg gained in mass is a combination of fat and muscle. So I don't know how much muscle I really gained. My weight scale was broken months before.

- I didn't track my macro nutrient properly. I just wing it most of the time, with each meal leaning more protein.

Some steps I'm taking moving forward.

- I just bought a huawei body fat scale. This is handy as it comes with an app that logs all my measurements. So now I will make a point to track my daily progress and see how it goes.

- As for tracking the daily macro nutrient. I really dislike measuring everything I eat and logging it. There are apps but I don't trust them enough to use it daily. So what I will do instead is to compile a list of food I eat regularly and calculate its macro nutrient /gram once. So that the next time I can just eye ball the proportions.

Let's see how it goes in the coming months!

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    @davidnge - congrats on sticking with it for so long.
    I am surprised at the grams of carbs. I would gain 10 pounds of pure FAT in no time if I had that many grams of carb. I must be more sensitive to carbs than most.
    One thing that helped me with the excessive logging of macros on top of life was intermittent fasting. I only eat once a day so there is only one meal to log. In addition, I am doing very low carb so there is just protein and fat to monitor. I should start a workout regimen like you and see the progress.

    Keep up the good work.

    Keni avatar Keni | Jan 21, 2019 21:35:43
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      @keni thanks!

      I work out quite often, and my goal is to gain weight. That's why the carb intake is high :)

      I tried intermittent fasting once awhile, but it's hard for me to stay consistent because I'm always hungry!

      It's definitely still a work in progress...

      David nge avatar David nge | Jan 23, 2019 01:30:43
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