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Jun 18, 2019 19:18:38

Wordpress plugins I use

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It's not anything big but today in my new blog post I am talking about WordPress plugins which I use and why. It's a kinda common situation that there is a lot of "the best of the list" according to plugins but not everyone really says which one they actually use. 

Since I have started to use WordPress I kinda still experimenting with plugins. Classic love-hate relationship. I would like to just write down a few tips according to my experience

use as fewer plugins as possible - better security, fewer troubles with updates, less chance to get your website broken
update update - don't forget to update, its pretty simple to manage it on your own projects but if you make websites for clients don't forget to prepare them for it or just charge some fee for regular update of their sites.
don't rely on paid plugins - this is a little controversial but most of the time I use just the free plugins, sure sometimes I desire to click on the subscription button cuz of this or that feature but if I did I have been always disappointed and the paid plugin never did what I expected. (of course, this can be just my experience)
SEO plugins are overrated - this is even more controversial, haha and to be honest I use SEO plugin (Yoast) but just because I am afraid to deactivate it on the go cuz I would screw something up. If I would start a new website I wouldn't use it anymore. Why. My reasons are here:
  • It's too robust, so many options to set it up and hard to make it right
  • WordPress itself can manage the basic and most important SEO setup by itself 
  • The clients looking for the green dots and take it too seriously instead of focus on more important aspects of SEO (I would say some SEO agencies hiding behind that as well)

If you would like to see the complete blog post you can check it here. If you wanna see just the plugins I use on my blog you can see the list here. (THIS IS NOT AN ADVERTISEMENT :D)


Stay with me. Efran.

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