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Mar 25, 2019 19:53:57

Why we are all getting the wrong advice from Basecamp?

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Like everyone, I was a fan of Jason Fried and DHH's writings. I still like their style of writing. It is very lucid, jargon-less, nod-worthy style of writing. Their attack on VCs and VC funded businesses are legendary and refreshingly new.

When Elon Musk says working 80 hours a week is needed to change the world, Jason Fried's appeal of working 4-days a week in summer is good enough to make money; you cannot ignore it.

But nowadays, I think, the guys at Basecamp don't talk about their privilege or core. All they have been arguing so far is the frills. 

Advice on how to work is straightforward, but what to work on is very tough. DHH and Jason loudly talk about how to work; they critique about open offices, a culture of death by meetings, working in a calm company, remote work is the best way to work, blah, blah.

In my opinion, they can experiment all this in their work because they got something very right. Basecamp is a project management tool, with a huge market size. It is company-size or industry agnostic. It has got an excellent product-market fit.

Most people struggle on "what to work", because of which their "how to work" gets affected. But what DHH and Jason talk about is the toxicity of VC funded companies like Uber and Facebook. 

The most delicate thing here is that they may be right in their opinions about VC companies. But many people I know romanticise their way of work as the best thing but ignore their core strength. 

For all the noise about bootstrapped businesses that Basecamp makes, do you know which celebrity CEO owns a share of Basecamp? Are you aware that both DHH and Jason de-risked themselves with that money?

(...to be continued)

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    That celebrity CEO they derisked didn't entail them surrendering control though. Make sure you address that point on the Tobecontinued post!

    Sir Abe avatar Sir Abe | Mar 25, 2019 21:57:50
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      @abrahamKim Sure. I will. My point is the infusion of money from the celebrity CEO derisked them in many ways. Yes, they didn't surrender control but in Jason's words, the CEO owns a piece of the company.

      Santhosh Guru avatar Santhosh Guru | Mar 26, 2019 09:46:16
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