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Dec 05, 2018 17:04:09

Why SEO is killing creativity?

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While being a content writer i am always asked to use SEO in a certain article. Why? Well to rank good on Google and for the person that i am writing that article to make some money, and of course, pay me for my service.

But being an SEO "expert" is a very bad idea for creative people. It pushes you to be someone you are seriously not. It kills your creativity because you want to mention something else and you can't only because it's bad for the SEO.

Writing for money and writing for a passion project are two different subjects. I seriously believe that telling a nice story is always the key to become a great writer.

Just believe that every good writer (book writer) has never used any specific keywords to actually sell his book. And that's because there are no specific target audiences that need to be targeted online.

SEO and keyword targeting are definitely killing the creative animal that's inside you just because of a certain profit, so we kind of need a better way to tell a story than the way that we did it till now.

But just let me give you a reminder, a good passion project can make you more money than any good SEO website. Click-bait articles are no more working on people.

Well, they do but for those people that you definitely don't want to write for.

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    @berkan agree. There's probably a sort of "creativity" in SEO/keyword strategy, but not one that most think of at first. It's ironic that good writing is considered "content marketing" nowadays.

    Maybe with the onslaught of content that exists out there today, getting more eyes on your work is increasingly competitive, and it becomes more difficult to extricate marketing from any art (fine art, literary etc)? At least most companies are realizing that authenticity, rather than "click-baits," sell best.

    Victoria Maung avatar Victoria Maung | Dec 05, 2018 20:47:52
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      @vickenstein Yea totally agree with you, and there are companies nowadays that are only looking out for people that are extremely creative :) (with a good sense of SEO :D )

      Berkan avatar Berkan | Dec 05, 2018 22:20:46
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