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May 30, 2019 14:07:30

Why Markdown?

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I really like to discuss constructively and more than welcome to receive any questions to think more of the things. @brandonwilson asked me why they should consider if ones are not familiar with Markdown. Let me try to answer this. I actually prepared the answer in the comment segment but it became longer than I thought. So I am making this as a seperate post.


First of all, Markdown is so fast once you get used to it. You do not have to use a mouse to style your sentences. It is like a shortcut command ctrl + c for coping, and ctrl + v for paste in any MS office product. If you use frequently some functions requiring a mouse click, then this tiny moment will be piled up eventually and also distracts your writing flow.


Markdown gives us more precise control for styling. Sometimes I had difficulty in styling using tool bar and mouse. For example, when making a a part of sentences bold, it can be bold more or less characters I wanted like 'I want to make a bold this part of sentences only'. The similar thing happens to making a hyper link. I would like to hyperlink for Quora - What are the benefits to using Markdown? but sometimes making only partially i.e., Quora - What are the benefits to using Markdown?, and I need to redo this again.


Compare to HTML tag or any other programming language, I could safely say markdown is easier to learn because it is partly rendered immediately and you can see the result. You just need to learn one by one, which you use most frequently.


Another benefit of learning Markdown would be beneficial out of 200WaD. But there are many chances you could also utlize the knolwedge of Markdown. Especially, if ones are programming, there could be a chance to document their knowledge about code in a sort of markdown format in Github Wiki or README.md, which can be also convertable into other format like HTML, PDF, or word.

Once you get used or wanted to practice in a daily life, you could also find a free markdown-based editor Typora or others in The 10 Best Markdown Editors of 2018

I stated above only benefits side. To be fair, let me think what could be drawbacks then.

  • a bit of learning curve in the beginning
  • you see the non-finalized version if it is not rendered immediately, and will notcie some mistakes when you render and need to come back.
  • it could be still not readable for ones not familiar with Markdown at all
  • not copy ready if it is not rendered

For this post, I only use mouse when I visit other website to copy the link and title when making hyperlinks. Other than that, I finish my post without leaving my hands from keyboard.

If you are interested in learning Markdown, I would suggest to start the command like

  • bold by ctrl + b
  • italic by ctrl + i
  • bullet points by '*'
  • quotes by '>'


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