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Jul 20, 2019 07:57:49

Why are you here?

by @brianball PATRON | 320 words | 400💌

Brian Ball

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In a past session on FocusMate, my counterpart was reading something online while unconsciously picking and eating whatever came out of his nose. Just a weird habit he developed before anybody told him it wasn't a good idea.

Who said we're not supposed to pick our noses? For me, I guess, it was my parents and grandparents.

I just now had a very productive 50-minute session using FocusMate.com.

The essence: You turn on your video camera and work while somebody else has their camera on as they work. The intention is that you won't be picking your nose or playing games because you know you have stuff to get done and people are watching.

This morning was different in that I used my mobile camera instead of laptop. I created 19 handwritten pages complete with scrawly lines and the slow pace of scribbling with muscles that don't get used frequently instead of quickly typing.

The slower pace was enlightening.

I started just trying to read a book. Then, I got an idea: Self Control -- Control -- Gain Control

Much of what we write about is us trying to gain a deeper understanding of ourselves and how we operate in the world. To that end, we need/desire a certain amount of control. It's ultimately self-control, i.e. controlling ourselves as we'd control a vehicle or a pen making letters on a page. We want to find the limits and execute our minds and bodies to match our imaginations of what's possible.

I thought of @rosieodsey and @keni and @danielmiller and @5plus6.

We share our thoughts and experiences and experiments here on 200 words. You can watch us work and we can explore ideas with words and phrases and shared concepts together.

I'm here for self discovery and now, I realize, to gain a degree of self-control and mastery.

Why are you here?

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    You remind me of my experience on FocusMate (my last session is on my 50th posts and I left because my internet connection is too terrible to support 50-minute video), I really love it! My partners are so kind that they respect of my not fluent English speaking, and most of them could say a little Chinese :D

    Why am I here? It's a great question!

    When someone achieved their 30 or 100 streak, I'll read his first post to see what's his first motivation to write.

    I find there are two types: one is that the first post didn't mention too much about writing habits, instead, focus about self experience; the other one, the first 200 words is all about expection of daily writing habits.

    Both styles of the two wouldn't change too much.

    (I'm the former one, my first post is a determination of self-help other than beginning to write.)

    I also look for the people write their first post in self-doubt like me, but most of them haven't post the second.

    Why am I here? I'm here for exploration, both myself and others.

    I live in such a little circle that no one have ever done something differently with the group. I want to be the life-experimenter. People write here openly sharing their life experience that I've never known before.

    There is a famous story that fishes don't know what's the water. Not only do I want to know what's the water, but also I want to choice the water for my future.

    5plus6 avatar 5plus6 | Jul 24, 2019 00:18:24
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      @5plus6 - I think with 200words, you've found a great place to be with a slow Internet connection. :-) ( i.e. it doesn't take as much as 50 minutes of live-streaming ) -- That being said, let me know if you want to try a work session ( ideabrian at gmail )

      Brian Ball avatar Brian Ball | Jul 23, 2019 11:45:53
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      @brianball wow! One of my dreams come true -- meet with friends (I think we are friends) from 200 WAD on FocusMate, the two both have huge impacts on me this year.
      I'll email you ahead if I want to book a session, I have to take time zone into consideration :D.

      5plus6 avatar 5plus6 | Jul 24, 2019 22:51:02
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      @5plus6 sounds good. I'm up early PST - but your 7 am is probably also good

      Brian Ball avatar Brian Ball | Jul 24, 2019 08:00:48
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    @brianball .. I heard that after you reach 365 days streak, you will unlock the special feature "your life makes sense now" ... so I am trying to get there :D

    Efran avatar Efran | Jul 20, 2019 19:25:43
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      @efran - it'd be hard to write for even 30 days and not have it make more sense. So, your logic is spot on.

      Brian Ball avatar Brian Ball | Jul 20, 2019 10:56:30
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    @brianball I love FocusMate and I have done close 4 sessions a few months ago. I couldn't continue doing because of the hassle of matching with a partner and I switched to Pomodoro paired with Brain.fm.

    On your question on why I am here at 200WaD: I want to think clearly and learn to express myself in a lucid manner. I have a long way to go but I want to master the craft of writing.

    Santhosh Guru avatar Santhosh Guru | Jul 20, 2019 21:09:20
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    Busch Light!

    Abe avatar Abe | Jul 20, 2019 17:20:32
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