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Jul 04, 2019 18:15:45

Whimsical you

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Tomorrow, I need to wake up to eat hot pancakes at 5am. β€œWhy is so early?”, you may ask me. The reason is in that my mother will cook breakfast at 5am, because my father will go to a business trip early. I don't love cold pancakes, and it will be only one ability for me.

I think my English skills are degrading, it's stuck like me in coding. I am so stupid in coding. This stupidness is hard insomuch that it's funny. To be honest, I don't think I am stupid in coding. I just have a problem I can't solve and passing time.

What is degrading in my life too? Nothing. Everything is growing like a potato on my rancho right now. The harvest will be soon if everything will be okay with potato. Do you see the analogy with life goals? If you will do all for your goals, you will get and eat the harvest. The fullness of your harvest depends on you like potato. But potato isn't whimsical as you. You are very whimsical.

Only 20 words keep me distance from my end goal of 200 words. But is this the real end goal? No, it isn't of course. The end goal is to develop English skills, and I should write it qualitatively.  

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