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Dec 07, 2018 17:15:05

When Life Demands Efficiency

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Seun Oyebode

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There comes a time in everyone's life when everything seems to be against you. 

One delayed decision and you lose a client; get a query at work or even get a pay deduction.

One seemingly little inaction and there's a full bag of mess (financial or relationship or health) for you to clear up.

Just a little indulgence and the ripple effects makes you think Lord Voldermort is on your case.

At such times, it's responsibility giving you phone call.

For some this season comes in Marriage; for some it comes with a new leadership role; for some it comes in a new job; for some it comes straight after college/university; for some it comes in high school, after the divorce/loss of a parent or guardian; yet for many all around the world they've had this season all their lives.

We've unanimously coined a phrase for it, we say "Life happened".

At such seasons, we must realize that Life is demanding us to be efficient. Responsibility is saying to us, i'm the only alibi you've got.

Such times are not seasons for us to send out pity-party invites. Those are moments for us to summon strength from nothing. The little strength to get your composure could come from looking back in your life to recall and relive your past victories and tell yourself,If you could get through that, this is not your bus-stop. Another source of strength could be your words. Allow yourself speak out  courageous words of victory right there in the mess.

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