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Jul 15, 2019 15:55:26

What Would 'Work' Look Like If We All Had Enough Money?

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Jack Lyons

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If money wasn't an issue, do you think you'd show up to work differently?
Do you think you'd stay where you are or push yourself to work in a different field?

I don't mean "if you were a millionaire", no I mean more like if you just had more than enough and were comfortable in every way. Would you show up to work in a more positive manner and get excited about the tasks you do, knowing that the consequences aren't as dire?

I wonder about this a lot because I do enjoy what I do, that is web development. However, there are plenty of days where I get stressed out and worry about my financial future. As a freelancer it's always up and down - no week is ever the same. Some weeks I make a months salary, others I make nothing.

So if I didn't have to worry about the financials, I'd probably pick jobs where I'd be learning a ton along the way without the pressure to perform. As a contractor, I am considered to be an expert, which makes it difficult to take on roles at my limit because I don't want to let the client down.

Anyway, just a ramble.. I wonder if things would be different… What do you think?

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    @jacklyons interesting question! I was curious about how it would change things for me too. This question led me to explore having a financial target for the year, where it would be enough for my lifestyle. Over the past two years, I managed to hit it, and then after that, I could just do whatever I wanted! Travel, work on passion projects, or just do nothing. I enjoyed the balance between work for living and work for fun ...

    Jason Leow avatar Jason Leow | Jul 16, 2019 22:54:46
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