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May 26, 2019 12:31:37

What’s your current Bowser?

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Rosie Odsey

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It’s kind of like a video game. I used to play Mario Brothers all the time when I was little and I would go to level one. I’d have to beat the Bowser at level one, then level two, level three, and I never was under the delusion that there wouldn’t be a Bowser. Right? That’s the whole point of the game is to beat the next Bowser.

Julie Stoian

I was listening to an episode of Julie’s podcast recently and I really liked this metaphor. Partly because I grew up playing Mario games and partly because it’s one of those metaphors that you can keep extending.

Instead of seeing it as a unique problem that only you’re experiencing, realize that you’re in a business video game, and this is your Bowser. This is level one Bowser, right? And then once you beat that, it’s going to be level two and level three. Just changing that alone will change the way you handle business obstacles.

Julie Stoian

In my life, I’m facing my own set of problems but they’re good problems to have. They mean that I’m on some pretty upper level Bowsers. The great thing about the Super Mario games (and about most of the levels we play in real life) is that, if the first try doesn’t succeed, we can try again.

The other thing I can see is that often when we’re heading down a new path, we try to head straight to the level nine Bowser, fail to beat him, and call it quits.

It’s so important to be aware about the current Bowser, the Bowser at your level. I think the reason we move straight to level nine is because society tells the stories of people who went straight to level 27 and made it. Those people are rare and they got there against all odds. If you don’t want to play odds, start at level one.

Building habits? Don’t get mad when you try to install 5 habits at once and it doesn’t work. Try doing something every day.

Starting a business? I wouldn’t worry about the website until you’ve spent a few hours in Facebook groups where your target customer hang out and had a few one-on-ones to discuss the problem you’re trying to solve.

Don’t know what the current Bowser is? Find a good book or podcast or online course that promises the outcome you’re trying to get. And trust their process. If that doesn’t work, get a mentor or coach (or trainer or professional).

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    @rosieodsey Thanks for your sharing, it was very interesting and enlightening.

    Piglet avatar Piglet | May 26, 2019 13:28:36
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      @piglet You're welcome! Thank you for the comment :)

      Rosie Odsey avatar Rosie Odsey | May 26, 2019 22:23:48
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