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Mar 10, 2019 22:04:00

What's Wrong

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Brave people know it's just as important to ask what's wrong with an idea as it is to ask what's right with it.

When you come up with a new idea it is easy to be so in love with it that you miss the flaws (the obvious flaws and the not-so obvious flaws).

When you share your ideas with others, you take a risk. You never know if someone is going to think your new baby is adorable or a hideous mutant, so it's easy to be overly sensitive to criticism in regard to the newborn idea you shared.

You already demonstrated a level of bravery by sharing the idea to begin with, now you need to solidify your bad-assery by your willingness to not only take a few jabs at your idea, but to actually invite people to take a shot at pointing out potential weak points in your idea.

Sure, you want people to loooove your idea and gush about how brilliant you are to have envision such a concept -- that's what you want, but it's not what you need. Not if you really want your idea to succeed.

You already like the idea.
Now you need someone who likes you enough to tell you what you need to know and perhaps be willing to hurt your feelings a little bit because sometimes the truth can hurt.

Once you hear what's wrong with your idea you can make improvements. You can make changes to eliminate the flaws and shore-up the weaknesses. 

Real feedback makes your idea stronger -- if you're strong enough to take it.

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