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Dec 18, 2018 15:46:42

What's stopping you?

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Today, there's nothing stopping me. I know how to make progress on my work. I know how to make lists and use brainstorming to get a lot of thinking accomplished. I know how to run tests to ensure the technology is working.

I know how to start with Why and how to keep the customer's improvement in mind as I start to develop the words for the email campaign I want to send.

There are supporting pages I need to develop and images I'd like to create. Ultimately, I need to be telling a story and if there's anything besides getting the technology in place and tested, it's my own unwillingness to focus on the job at hand.

The work is just that: Work. It's a sequence of tasks I must complete with no certainty about what needs to get done. I can have a plan. A plan helps. A checklist helps. Questions can make my decision-making easier but I should plan for unexpected ideas popping up. I should expect the technology testing to take longer than I anticipate. I should plan to do everything three times because even if I get it working on the first try, I always have ideas for improvements.

While there's nothing stopping me from making progress, the one thing that does stop me from making progress is hesitation and perfection. It's an unwillingness to embrace good enough. I seem to contrive ways to make unending improvements in my work. This slows me down and delays the actual getting of results.

This writing helps me realize I need to embrace the 80/20 rule and do the 20% of the work that will get me 80% of the results. On my current project, I have forgotten to take that into consideration. I'm now adding that to the list and am grateful for writing to have jogged my memory of it.

What could improve in your life if you embraced imperfection and followed the 80/20 rule?

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