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Jan 13, 2019 22:31:49

What's next Maker?

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I been trying to build 6 products in 6 months last year, but only manage to launch 3.

  • Hookeepr - Webhook related
  • InterstateHQ - Product Update related
  • DayForMaker - Blackfriday deal for maker
I do plan to continue to build this year but I been affected by Yong Fook this series of tweets, same like him I m 39 this year, for sure I m not as successful as him, I still need to busy for income in order to feed the family every month, so I really need to think carefully what to build next? What product should I really put my effort in, instead of waste it to just build something I think it might work.

Currently my I have set up my goal to launch 3 products, I might really need to plan properly this round in order to avoid build up something just for the purpose to build. It should be something really can bring cash flow to me and help me move out from freelancer work.

Among the 3 launch products, the one I really proud of is Hookeepr, the idea is original and it's quite straightforward to build, so my first target this month is to release Hookeepr v2. There are quite a few features in mind to enhance it and introduce new pricing for it. Hopefully with the v2 launch can put it on the right track.

Idea 2 will be launch a Woocommerce managed hosting, I been working on Woocommerce for a few clients, thinking to offer some managed hosting for Woocommerce specific site.

Idea 3 is about email attachment, which I still trying to refine and hopefully, it can really meet my requirement, it's a product that can really bring in revenue.

These are my plan as a Maker for Q1 2019, the ideal will be 50% income based on products before Q3.

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