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Feb 02, 2019 09:35:41

What makes twitter good?

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David nge

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Quitting social media has been the rage. Everyone wants to limit their screen time because it's reducing their attention span, among other reasons. Even Apple and Google has released OS update that allows you to limit how much time you can spend on an app.

But of all the people that have quit facebook, instagram, and youtube etc many eventually return to twitter as the only social media to use going forward. 

This is true for me.

I have limited the amount of time spent on Facebook and youtube. I have even uninstalled those apps from my phone, yet I find twitter indispensible.

I think there's a reason for it.

You can get a lot of value depending on who you're following on twitter. A lot of my thinking, even career growth was shaped by opinions and articles shared by people who I follow on Twitter.

You can curate a list of interesting people to follow and they can be your "mentor", even though they didn't accept you as their mentee. 

You get more value from Twitter the more you you write original thoughts on it. This is one thing I want to do better this year. 

While being a lurker is easy, it's better to make the best of it since it's the social media that matters, at least for me.

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