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Apr 29, 2019 09:02:49

What is a Growth Engineer?

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Brian Ball

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I saw a t-shirt recently describing an engineer as somebody who makes precision guesses about what to do based on information obtained from people who may not know exactly what they're doing.

Business growth is often explained in graphs. The hockey-stick is the graph that moves up and to the right.

The Y-axis is revenue and X-axis is time.

Over time, is your business making more money?

That's one of the main objectives of a business - to become more valuable over time. Investors risk their money hoping you'll do your job - make them money.

Unless you own and manage all aspects of the company, you should find out who is engineering the growth. It's an important role - maybe one taken on by anybody in management and leadership. But, it's also a position. If you're given the title: Growth Engineer - your job is to develop initiatives that plan and develop the expansion of opportunity, the increase in revenue, and the updated charts that depict the shape of the hockey stick.

If I were hired today, how might I help you grow?

Call me old-fashioned, but I'd first want to understand the human dynamics. Who are the humans involved and what habits of action are causing desirable results. Then, I'd use engineering and design thinking to begin optimizations.

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