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Jun 05, 2019 18:53:11

What have I learned from my first job? pt.1

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Recently, I finished my first job with a foreign client. I feel it like the first serious client because I put yourself into the work process and I was motivated, because my salary was good. I have gotten a lot of experience and I have learned some lessons that help me with future clients. Maybe, it will be helpful for you too, stranger.

How to Google???

I needed to find SVG logos of companies my client worked with and put it on a client's section. I tried to google as I always did and didn't find anything. So, how to Google if you want to find svg?

company_name type:svg

I opened Google Images, then go to sites with these images, opened DevTools and downloaded SVG logo from the site.

How to make colored images grayscale?

It's simple too, you just need to open Figma (or something else). Click to image's fill, set saturation on minimal and then play with other settings.

The best site to make SVG image

My laptop is a bit laggy, so I didn't want to open Illustrator to make SVG images. So, I found two sites, one of this is my favorite: https://image.online-convert.com/convert-to-svg


It's a bit late now, I want to sleep. So, the second part will consist of money and relationships with a client.

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