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Jan 02, 2019 18:18:42

What did you accomplish this week?

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Brian Ball

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In the 2nd day of 2019, I'm already asking myself: "What did you accomplish this week?"

It's taken me way too long to realize there are no social points for unfinished work. In fact, often times you get negative credit for wasting time on something you're not willing or able to complete.

Some people say you should finish what you start. Others claim you need to pivot to better address the needs of the market. Both sides are correct.

In biology, you can observe amoebae under a microscope and see they are trying to move to find food. In their case, they're programmed for survival and are focused.

When I'm not focused on survival, I might have ideas different than putting food on the table and this leads to projects of the experimental variety. I.e. projects that go unfinished. Maybe the goal isn't to have a new business. Rather, it's just to learn something about myself or level up a particular skill.

If, like me, you often fail to finish a project, maybe you need to simply reframe what finish means. Set up many goals to strive toward and celebrate your successes. 

This week, I am able to complete six pull-ups in one go. That's a 600% increase from the starting point a couple of months back.

How about you? Anything worth reporting?

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    @brianball Accomplishing tasks is important, but completing tasks for the sake of it is just busy work if those tasks are not adding up to anything meaningful. I am fine with not finishing something if I recognize it's not adding value. Great job on the pull-ups. I think if I attempted even one pull-up, both of my shoulders would instantly dislocate lol. But we all have to start somewhere. My main accomplishment so far in 2019 is setting up a planner and making a commitment to using it every day. Small steps.

    Brandon Wilson avatar Brandon Wilson | Jan 02, 2019 18:25:19
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      @brandonwilson - okay, get somebody to lift you up to a bar, and slowly let yourself down. Do that for several days, weeks. It's just fun to feel the muscles build slowly.

      Brian Ball avatar Brian Ball | Jan 03, 2019 05:39:19
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    @brianball I don't believe that you need to accomplish something every single day. There are days when an accomplishment is not accomplishing anything and just taking time for yourself. Resting, seeing family etc.

    Alex Micu avatar Alex Micu | Jan 02, 2019 18:24:59
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      @alexmicu - isn't that an accomplishment then? ;-)

      Brian Ball avatar Brian Ball | Jan 03, 2019 05:38:29
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