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Jan 04, 2019 15:39:55

What Came First? Consciousness or the Body?

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Ruben Ramirez

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Look at an off television. What do you see? A black, blank screen. You click the button on your remote and the television turns on. Perhaps the last show you watched on cable appears or your latest Netflix show you were binge-watching. To a toddler or someone who isn't well versed with technology, it may appear that the television itself was the one providing the cable or the Netflix capability. That is not the case. The television is connected to either the internet via a wifi connection or to a cable provider through a cable, yet it can easily be confused as the TV creating it all. 

What If Our Bodies are Like a Television?

In Sapien, author Yuval Noah Harari states that Homo-Sapiens evolved to receive the cognitive abilities that allowed them to surpass and bring Neandrathals and the other species of humans to extinction. Yet there is no 100% proof what made our modern level of consciousness form. Now, what if our bodies are simply the "television" and our consciousness is actually formed elsewhere and brought, or connected, to us. What if Homo-Sapien's DNA allowed them to receive this higher connectivity, just like a new Smart TV allows connectivity to the internet and social media and Netflix instead of just mere cable or antenna television. The millions of species around the world haven't or don't have that level of consciousness so why do we? 

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    @RubesWorld I guess the question becomes who or what controls consciousness and decides who gets what. Ok, brain hurts now... Thanks!

    Jeff Riddall avatar Jeff Riddall | Jan 04, 2019 16:51:09
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      @jeffriddall It is time we humans begin to think outside of the box.

      Ruben Ramirez avatar Ruben Ramirez | Jan 04, 2019 17:12:01
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    @RubesWorld Consciousness and Body can't be like TV and Electricity.
    Consciousness comes in-built in every living body, it's just that the level of use is different. Most people don't use/touch their conscious levels at all. They're all hormone driven robots.

    Consciousness for example can be compared to the brightness of the display and loudness of the speaker! (it's the level of human intensity, a completely conscious being has no action-intention gap.)

    Rohan avatar Rohan | Jan 04, 2019 16:38:17
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      @rohan I have to disagree. Sure, our society is becoming like zombies with the mobile phone becoming so powerful, but we still have the ability to think deeper than other species. To ask questions, remember, connect scenarios and experiences.

      The comparison to TV and electricity is certainly an abstract concept, but it is time we start thinking outside the box.

      Ruben Ramirez avatar Ruben Ramirez | Jan 04, 2019 17:21:17
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    @RubesWorld I read somewhere that consciousness is a continuum: "Consciousness is asleep in rocks, dreaming in plants, awakes in animals and becomes self-aware in humans." Food for thought...

    Jason Leow avatar Jason Leow | Jan 04, 2019 15:57:44
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      @jasonleow that is a very interesting thought. Thanks for sharing!

      Ruben Ramirez avatar Ruben Ramirez | Jan 04, 2019 17:15:15
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    @RubesWorld I literally just finished reading an article on this! It discussed how the world's greatest minds can't solve the "consciousness" problem, as in - they know so very little about it and why we have it.

    Angelica avatar Angelica | Jan 04, 2019 15:51:51
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      @angelica It is a very mysterious concept. For me, our cognitive ability, or reason for having it, is just as important as the "where did we come from?" and "where are we going?" questions.

      Ruben Ramirez avatar Ruben Ramirez | Jan 04, 2019 17:16:58
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    @RubesWorld so true. It is worth to have an insight on this to have a thought about it.

    Audrey avatar Audrey | Jan 04, 2019 15:43:51
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      @sawping I hope to have sparked a bit of interest to learn about this very mysterious concept, Audrey. :)

      Ruben Ramirez avatar Ruben Ramirez | Jan 04, 2019 17:17:26
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