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Apr 14, 2019 17:30:09

What are your bad habits?

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We often talk about how we want to improve our life with good habits. We are focusing on healthy food, working out, improving the different type of skills (writing, singing, drawing, etc).

Sometimes we succeed sometimes we lose. With good habits, it is easy almost everyone focuses on similar things mentioned before. 

But what about the bad one. Let's be honest with ourself cuz a lot of bad things staying with us (including me haha).

So I would like to talk about myself. 

First of all, I am super lazy and comfortable If I must change my plans with really late notice cuz of someone else I get mad. I can prepare for hard work but I need to know in advance and get ready for it (working overtime and so on).

I can get easily into a bad state of mind, and it's hard for me to calm down and take it easy. If I get mad I am mad longer than I should.

I am not patient at all if I want something I want it now, it's hard for me to wait a minute longer (it gets better little if I am talking about waiting in the line for food cuz when I had worked in the coffee shop in Canada I realized its not so easy serving food in super speed when customers getting annoyed and killing you with a look haha. So I can understand much more now).

I spent much more money on betting on sports than I should. I really like sports as you know and I have betting kinda connect to it. Of course, I know its a really bad habit but yeah, today I am honest with you. 

Sure I eat junk food, on my defense, I am super thin. I have never had a problem with weight. Actually, in general, should eat more than less. Sometimes I forgot to eat (or am I lazy haha)

What about you?


Stay with me. Efran.

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