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May 14, 2019 10:14:03


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Brian Ball

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WordHabits -- build the habit of kicking-butt with your keystrokes.

Adding efficiency with each keystroke.

Deliberate practice. Intentional improvement.


Pay attention.

This started weak. Verbs sucked. They failed to throttle your heart.

But when words erupt from your mind with confidence.  Boom.

Rushing toward the results you want.

Sure, we simply make up words. Novelty tickles brains. A little tickling delights and words will ring true for your reader.

Want to make money with words? We'll do it. Want to think more clearly and write with style? Word. 

Work it. It's just words.

Work: sweat and struggle and sigh. The "S" words succumb to our demands. Together. We'll sift and sort and sell -a brate. Seriously.

People will look up in awe as you gain confidence with your words.

Show up. Be here. Practice. Sweat. Deliver. Get there.

Your new, more-powerful words, blossom into spectator-worthy sentences.

People have been shaping finely-crafted language for centuries. Get in line and gain entrance to this timeless community.

Sign up. Line up. Get in. Easy.

First. Daily writing to exercise your vocabulary and sentence structuring. Phrasing.

Next. Try different things. Vary genre. Lay down delightful rhythms. Collect your daily credit.

Third. A proven feedback framework with technical language. There are actual tools we’ll employ to coerce the woody layers of our craft.

The community perspective will be your compass. The destination of your choosing is just ahead.

Now with direction and the tools of the community. Don't lose tomorrow today. Yes.

Let’s get started.

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