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Jun 07, 2019 00:15:46

weed nightcap ... bad idea turns out

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Remember when I got back into the weed about a year ago? Things spiraled a little 😅

No I didn't become a massive stoner, but I did learn something about sleep, weed, and creativity.



My initial experiments showed weed was great. Fall asleep real easy all relaxed and shit. Puff puff and you're ready for bed. Works like magic.

Your body hurts less from exercise, you're relaxed, and you can watch Netflix without that nervous energy saying you're wasting your time.



Then I decided to become a morning person.

You know, wake up at 6 or 7, work for a few hours, go to dayjob.exe. Creativity is easier when your brain is nice and fresh.

But of course you still wanna be productive at night too ...


So you drink an energy drink at 10pm. Work for 2 hours. Then puff puff, bedtime at midnight. Wake up 6am-ish.


This creates a cycle. Spiral? 😅


6 hours used to be plenty of sleep for me. Creative, full of energy, wonderful.

But I started waking up feeling ... empty.

The ideas just weren't there. No creativity, no energy, nothing. Just empty.


You know how alcohol makes you think you get better sleep, but you actually sleep worse? What if weed does the same 🤔

You zonk out, but you're sedated. Not going through all the right sleep phases.


So this week I tried going to bed at midnight without the weed. Energy drink at 10pm, sleep at midnight, up at 6:30.

And ... it worked.

I'm full of energy, full of ideas, waking up creative as shit. 👌


And here's the kicker 👉 I fall asleep FASTER without the weed.

As long as you're tired enough, weed doesn't do shit. You konk out after mere minutes.

Weed makes it FEEL faster and snugglier, but sleep is far more effective without the weed.

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