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Mar 21, 2019 07:37:54

Weather to suit the mood

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Janne Koponen

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It was such a beautiful morning yesterday. The sun was shining and the air was fresh. Such a good start for a great day.

By the noon there was already some clouds gathering. I was sitting in a meeting when my phone rang. I don't usually answer in these situations but for a reason or another, I decided to take this one. I excused myself and stepped out. It was my wife, sobbing.

Last week we had to take one of our cats to the vet. His condition had been declining for a while so we thought it's better to find out what's wrong. During the inspection, nothing of worry was revealed. The express blood test was fine and, while he had lost weight and wasn't that energetic anymore, everything seemed fine. The vet promised to call us next week when the more detailed lab results would be ready.

I looked upon a darkening sky as my wife told me the results. There were a couple of weeks max left for him. And even that only with heavy treatments. We'd be faced with a tough choice.

Even though I left early, as I was walking back home it was already pouring rain. Thankfully covering my tears.

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