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Feb 10, 2019 03:59:17

Wearing symbols

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Victoria Maung

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Hank Green produced a video titled Screwing Up: Two Stories from when I worked at a TV Station. One of those stories was wearing a Master sergeant Air Force jacket he purchased from a thrift store, and an older gentleman telling him, "Greene, you outrank me." He couldn't have felt more embarrassed.

Greene follows up with this thought: "I knew nothing about symbols that were part of other people's identity of their work, of their pride, and the sum total of everything I knew about that was that it looked cool."

This resonated with me because it's a lesson that I also wished that I learned earlier in my life. Growing up, I've worn all sorts of brands, logos, and patterns, and I'd never think I was misrepresenting anything. Granted, there are lots of people wearing all sorts of uniforms, logos, and styles of institutions and cultures they've never been a part of (I'm looking at you, fashion, for appropriating all sorts of cultures). 

I've always thought that we shouldn't care about what we wear and shouldn't judge others prematurely according to outer appearances. However, it is important to at least be self-aware if we're representing other groups or unintentionally assuming others' identities (I'm thinking of the current Northam's scandal in Virginia).

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