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May 19, 2019 14:46:26

We voted

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Rosie Odsey

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For context, I am Australian. Our 2019 election was held yesterday.

I do not march. I write.

I do not berate society for being swayed by the news media. I avoid the news.

I do not get angry with the people of my country.

Instead I am sad.

Because I thought we were the same and, instead, I find out that I was different. That the circles I walk in are the exception and not the rule. That there is a whole more than half of my country that I don't speak to or understand.

Instead I am sad.

My circles are full of people that are yelling and indignant and calling others stupid. It doesn't help.

Instead I am sad.

I do my work. I love my partner. I make breakfast and coffee as I do every day.

And I do what I can to use the power that I do have to make a better world.

And I hope.

Many things are changing. But as those things change, many people become yet more fixed in their ways.

As things change, many people become yet more quiet about their thoughts.

As we divide ourselves, as we widen the divide ever more, we miss the problem.

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