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May 17, 2019 23:03:29

We're already living in a multiverse

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Jason Leow

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Expanding on the random space-time theme of my post yesterday We're all time travellers, perhaps we are all already living in a multiverse. In our own minds. 

I came across this on Reddit:

A different version of you exists in the minds of everyone who knows you. 

I read a book that blew my mind. The main character goes crazy when he realizes no one really knows him. The gist is that the person you think of as "yourself" exists only for you, and even you don't really know who that is. Every person you meet, have a relationship with or make eye contact on the street with, creates a version of "you" in their heads. You're not the same person to your mom, your dad, your siblings, than you are to your coworkers, your neighbours or your friends. There are a thousand different versions of yourself out there, in people's minds. A "you" exists in each version, and yet your "you", "yourself", isn't really a "someone" at all.

It's a mind-blowing thought. There is no fixed "you", at all. If you had a million followers on Instagram, there's a million versions of you out there in the world. No two are identical. 

In a conversation today with my wife, she mentioned how we all live in our own realities. Almost like our own universe. Our minds contain our very own personal universes. Multiverses, in this world. The laws of mental physics, expectations, narratives, meanings, shoulds and should nots, only apply in one universe and not necessarily in the next. Though sometimes, it might overlap and bleed over. That's when we communicate and understand each other.

Imagine, everyday, we just carry around this universe in our heads, walking around, bumping into each other. Can you imagine infinity, something as vast as the physical universe that we know, in our minds? And we're simply knocking it around as we commute to work, while queue up for our morning coffee? 

And the implications... Traveling between different realities? That means having empathy. Two universes colliding and merging into one? A spiritual union (some called it marriage).

This is a thought experiment, for sure. But just imagining that, just blows my mind. 

We're already living in a multiverse.  

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