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Mar 09, 2019 09:16:07

We long both to be known and to remain hidden. (96)

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Isn't it ironic that we encourage others to be totally honest and open with us. That we will accept them no matter what. That we will be there for them. Care about them. Love them. For me I sometimes need to get to now also the faulty side of a person to really connected with them and appreciate them. Before a now good friend of mine shared with me his "wasting time on the internet"-addiction, I saw him as the guy who always had the right answer, never shy of words and so over confident - I was unable to connect with him. But after sharing and having this "you too" moment, I was able to get to know and appreciate him on an different level. 

Still we (or at least me) try to hide our own flaws, mistakes and regrets as much as possible. We think it will make us less acceptable or love worthy. But in the end the opposite is true. Hiding our true selfs from others is what makes us less acceptable or we start attracting people who don't love us for who we are, what just will lead us deeper in pretending to be someone else. 

So let's try to be who we are. Be more open about our flaws - I don't mean by that share everything with everyone, just don't pretend to be something/someone you are not. Let's let this crazy weirdo inside you out a bit more and be amazed what kind of people you will attract. 


These text are mainly preptalks for myself and maybe it helps someone else too.

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