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Jan 29, 2019 20:25:00

We Broke up

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Rasmus Rygh

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Yesterday I broke up with my girlfriend. 
I feel great. 

How can I say something like that? Well, I've known for so long that this relationship was wrong for me. I was just so afraid to make such a final decision, so we stayed together for a while. I've never been good at making those kinds of decisions. Then again I've never been good at differentiating between good and bad relationships either, but this time I was, so there is hope. I can tell that I am maturing, and the feeling is quite satisfying. Maturing doesn't just have to mean growing old, if you do it well it will also imply that your learning to take care of yourself. That my friend is a true blessing. That's what becoming a man is all about, not all that cold macho bullshit. Maturing, understanding and growing, that's the way to go. From what I have experienced it's the process of maturing which makes me actually enjoy life for what it is, I feel safe and strong, but I don't need to prove it. 

I hope she finds happiness, and I wish the same for me. I feel great. 

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