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May 03, 2019 12:36:03

We (all) make Mistakes

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Brian Ball

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To understand things deeply, sometimes we need to understand the thought process of the creator.

All the technologies we employ to our benefit were created by humans. They perceived a problem to solve or an opportunity.

When they design a solution, they may get it mostly correct. They probably wouldn't release it unless they at least thought it was correct.

But we make mistakes. Solution creators can't imagine every possibility. 

There are many variables. Too many.

We trust the big companies that hire the smartest people and are making the most money. They make mistakes.

We trust our friends and family to do what's best for themselves and us. We make mistakes.

Mistakes can be opportunities to focus and dig deeper.

What is the root cause? What is causing the result to be different than expected?

It's supposed to do X, but it's giving me Y.

How do we solve it?

1. Ask questions:

How do you know it's supposed to do X? Did you see the solution design document? Did you read the source code? Did you run the test code that confirms it's supposed to do X?

"The words in the documentation say it's supposed to do X."

Yes. But maybe the person who wrote the words wasn't the person who designed the solution. 

We all make mistakes.

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