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Feb 14, 2019 21:23:10

Ways To Win

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How many ways do your clients win when they decide to work with you?

It has become a sales cliche to say "I won the sale!" when a prospect decides to buy from you. And although it's true that in some tough competitive selling situations you may have beat out other companies when you were awarded the business, but in the end it should be the customer who wins because they chose to do business with you.

Take a close look at the benefits a customer receives in exchange for doing business with you.

Hopefully it's not too difficult to think of at least a few ways your clients win by choosing you!

Do they win by having access to any specialized training or significant experience the people on your team possess?

Do they win from doing business with a small locally owned company dedicated to serving other local businesses?

Do they win from choosing a global brand with almost limitless resources with an international distribution chain that enables them to serve businesses all over the world?

Do they win from having you as a partner, benefiting from your unique insights and guidance in order to make this (and every project after) a phenomenal success?

These are some of the ways your customers might win from partnering with you when they generously chose you as their service provider.

What you actually won was the opportunity to  demonstrate you deserved the business, and if you handle it correctly perhaps you'll win the chance to be considered for the next project too.

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