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Mar 30, 2019 20:57:16

Watching rain fall 🌧

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Jason Leow

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Pitter patter

Drip droop

Rain falls on windows so

Watching world through

But ten thousand worlds show

Pitter patter

Drip droop


Rain is such an immersive symphonic experience. It's easy to forget that, when you live in a city fighting for your ears everyday. 

Car horns and screeches. Mobile phones ringing and dinging. Loud conversations over the phone you'd rather not hear while on the train. Station announcements. Advertisements blaring over mega screens at the cross junction. Airplane roaring overhead. People talking, laughing, gossiping at the cafe, words layered over another and another into a thick fog of sounds bearing down on you. The espresso machine screaming. Babies wailing.

But when it rains, everything outside seems to slow down a bit. People talk less. Cars slow down. Everyone hides indoors, underground, under shelter. The volume turns down a notch. And if you tune out the other noises, you can hear the rain. Pitter patter. Drip droop. You hear its symphony off the metal rooftops of buses. The bus, like a huge metal hollow instrument, plays back the beats of the rain. A gentle, calming rhythm. Watching the streets change as the bus go by, rain droplets streaming down the windows, and a kaleidoscope emerges. Every droplet, a lens to the same street but different scene, a different world...which one will you pick? So much to see, so beautiful to watch, all of a sudden. Just from mere rain. 

Rain falls, pounding out a beat. Raindrops, ten thousand worlds showing.

Watching rain fall.

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