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Apr 27, 2019 00:26:34

War is weird

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War is weird. A group of old people will sit in meetings and decide, (ably aided by the corporations and agencies who feed fat off violent conflicts) to send many people half their age, who have barely fed off the nipple of life to painful deaths. Its absurdity doesn’t end there. These happy chaps drop all they do, get rewarded handsomely in many cases to become hardened, ultimately too flawed pieces, useful only for war. In many ways, those who die are lucky. Few who fight and live enjoy what’s left of life. How funny is it that most wars are persecuted in the name of peace. We want peace, but first, here are bombs tanks, bullets and human weapons to blow you to pieces. We’d gather what’s left and make peace with it. Bizarrely, war isn’t even about who is right, its spoils are plundered by who is left. Increasingly it is harder to win wars. Almost all of them go on forever now. Its too lucrative a vein to suck and leave. Its like finding a flowing teat. You milk that baby until she’s sore. The craziest thing about war is its something we started immediately we could, and if it isn’t the end of us, its something we’d always find ways to employ. 
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    War is not weird to me. Peace is.
    The world is but a fractal. The largest most complex organisms and systems are built by components with a certain structure.
    We humans are built from components who only care about resource obtainment at the cost of other organisms.

    War is simply the manifestation of such nature in our capitalistic arena. War is what makes the most sense. Just as much sense as hunger after a long's day work. Or sleepyness at nightfall.

    Peace is the new weird thing. To not admit so I think is being blind to where we come from. We don't come from peace and love. We come from war, which required selective peace, love and cooperation... but in what aims were that love, peace, and cooperation used for? For war!

    Sir Abe avatar Sir Abe | Apr 28, 2019 18:03:29
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      @abrahamKim Love your reply. Thank you for sharing. Found it insightful and educating.

      Chika avatar Chika | Apr 29, 2019 23:46:29
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