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Dec 15, 2018 17:49:42

Wanting Change

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Brian Ball

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Today's prompt was simple: "Is this the problem or the solution?"

When I started to write a separate article, I had the title you see above. Then, I remembered this prompt and incorporated it.

Is wanting change the problem?

What if we were content to live a life with the reality of each day. We wake up when we do. Our activities are what they are. We're not burdened with thoughts of different.

Spiritual teachers know that contentment comes from not getting what you want -- but wanting what you already have.

What if you are wired for more?

What if you're the caterpillar who's destiny is to become a butterfly?

In that case, the wanting of the change is the actual requirement to get you into action. You need to do things that are uncomfortable. The world will be happy once your dried wings emerge after time in the cocoon. Until then, keep your head down. Do the work. Go for and get what you want.

In the meantime, it helps to know the mechanics of change.

One thing to know: it's very hard to change when you worry about keeping everybody happy. If you have friends or family that won't like the change, find a smaller way to proceed.

Small changes allow people to adapt. Avoid the big, pack-the-bags, leave-the-country type of change. Opt for a daily routine of improvement in a new direction. Baby steps even.

Want change? Take one step in the right direction. Then take another.

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    @brianball I agree with the significance of incremental change--it seems the most realistically feasible?

    Victoria Maung avatar Victoria Maung | Dec 15, 2018 19:25:45
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