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May 01, 2019 14:38:43

Waking Up Before Everyone Else

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Jack Lyons

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Probably the biggest "life hack" in my life right now is waking up early. I love the time where the sun hasn't quite risen but it's still light outside. Usually this is around 5:30 - 6:30. If you've been able to get a good night's rest then it shouldn't be a burden to wake up. What's more, if you start making a habit of it eventually there becomes a time where you don't even need an alarm.

Having time for yourself before anyone else is up is so precious. It allows you to charge up and set the tone for the day without any distractions. Sometimes I practice yoga, other times I read, meditate or work. It doesn't really matter how you start your day, as long as you allow time to work on what matters to you.

This sounds super cliche, but in today's modern world, it's incredibly hard to maintain focus and not be distracted. Literally everything in our world today is designed to steal your attention. Once you forfeit your attention it takes an incredible amount of energy to get back on track. Some experts say a simple 30 second distraction can take up to 23 minutes to return to what you were doing.

When you carve out time in the morning it's far easier to shut off these distractions because your mind is fresh after a good night's sleep.

It's also really nice to go for a walk around the neighbourhood when the sun is just getting up. There's no noise, no cars, no people or dogs barking. The air is clean and undisturbed. Exercising at this time of the day just feels right.

Either way, whether you work, read, run or relax, your body and mind will thank you for waking up early and taking the time to work on yourself.

I'd love to write more about morning routines, and would love to hear from you too! Are you an early riser? If so, what do you do your the first few hours of the day?

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    This might be considered a life-hack at first, but if it becomes a habit I like seeing it as a life-rewrite better. Like it's just a totally new way to live your life rather than a hack or a patch that's just there to fix one thing.

    It just opens the door to totally new opportunities. Getting up early on your own volition not just cause you have a new job where you have to be somewhere by a certain time -- since that means you technically don't have more time for yourself -- makes you live differently.

    Like waking up early so you have 2 extra hours doesn't just provide you those two extra hours. It also changes the rest of the hours you are awake. This is the true benefit. Honeslty... two hours additional hours is nothing. If two additional hours was so valuable, I'd tone my sleep down from 8-9 hours to 6-7 hours for two extra waking hours. But it's not so valuable... what is so valuable is how drastically different the 15-16 waking hours is experienced when one starts it off from a tranquil moment.

    It's all about individuality . When Jack wakes up to him self and works/aims for himself in the morning, that Jack is going to have a completely unconceivably different mindset than the Jack who wakes up and rushes off to work with a coffee in his hand.

    The former is living like a master to himself where as the latter is in practice starting the day off as a slave to something else.

    Abe avatar Abe | May 04, 2019 11:14:55
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    @jacklyons I love building habits and trying to nail down routines.

    I couldn't get with the morning routine though. I tried it for a while - maybe 6 weeks actually, but it just didn't fit my schedule with my partner. She definitely wasn't a morning person.

    I've been tracking a lot of my daily habits this year. So, I'm extremely excited to hear more about yours - please continue to share!

    Thanks - Craig

    PS. The note about 30 second distractions is all too true. I'm finding it to be a massive frustration in recent times.

    Craig Petterson avatar Craig Petterson | May 01, 2019 22:18:11
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      @craigpetterson Thanks for reading! yeah, i realise it's not for everyone... that being said, do you have another time of day that you carve out for yourself?

      Jack Lyons avatar Jack Lyons | May 01, 2019 15:35:04
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      @jacklyons I do! I get too frustrated and it effects other parts of my life if I don't take the time. (It doesn't have to be every day, but most days).

      It's why I'm using 200WAD, and why I've started running again. Both give me time to reflect, think about my day, relax, explore.

      I don't really have a specific time - but I tend to be on 200WAD around 9.30-10p. Hmm. You could call that a routine ;)

      Craig Petterson avatar Craig Petterson | May 01, 2019 22:47:17
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