Dec 31, 2018 23:47:57

Waiting Til the New Year

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Keenen Charles

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It's a weird feeling when the year ends, it feels substantial and like a clean slate free from anything that held you back this year. We all get a natural urge to reflect and plan for the next year in the final weeks and in the past, I've found myself deferring plans and ideas until the new year because of this feeling.

I have this amazing new idea, should I start it? Well, the year's almost over I'll wait till the new year to get started.

What resulted was the new year beginning but not really feeling like anything had truly changed. Time flows the same despite the calendar year we call it and I find all the plans I made never happened on time. I was waiting for a feeling of change, and the clean slate but it never came.

Recently I've decided to not defer any plans for the new year. Instead, I'll begin as soon as I can, take time off for the holidays, but work as usual on my plans. I still take time to reflect and plan but without any delays, I don't lose the momentum and motivation to get stuff done in the final weeks of the year. As substantial as the end of the year feels it should be it rarely lives up to that and hanging my plans on that feeling rarely works.

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