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Mar 08, 2019 16:51:15


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Due to the upcoming flash sales that I going handle for my client, I m looking into various new services to helps. I just sign up 2 services today in order to optimise this upcoming project. One of the services I going to talk about today is Upcloud.

Upcloud - one of the new cloud provider, I been using Linode for a very long time, I think they are quite reliable and always adjust their pricing to bring more value to the client, but you will be surprised that their overall score is quite low on the VPS benchmark site. On the same VPS benchmark site, you can see that Upcloud is having an impressive score, so I decided to give it a spin and see will it help to handle more traffic for the after flash sales party.

You can find some referral code for Upcloud online that getting free $25 credit to start, once you created an account and top up the minimum $10, they will give you another $10 credit, that's plenty of free credit for you to start.

Compare to Linode or Digital Ocean, Upcloud might not have many features, but so far the VPS is pretty solid, I do feel is fast when I do big media files transfer and untar a huge zip file, will do more testing to see it really perform better. I might really transfer more server over.

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