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May 14, 2019 16:10:38

Unsubscribe to achieve inbox zero

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Until now my Gmail is a totally a mess. There are too many subscriptions, daily or weekly emails delivered endlessly. As a result, there are always around 100 inboxes while I still subscribe to the new without hesitation.  Inbox zero seems an impossible dream.

Yesterday, I read the list of 88 important truths and picked up my top 11, there are three of the eleven:

36. Knowledge is belief, nothing more.

42. Getting truly organized can vastly improve anyone’s life.

83. The fewer possessions you have, the more they do for you.

The three above are the key to the following three steps.

#1 Subscription: Knowledge is belief, nothing more

All those newsletters are indeed knowledge but just KNOWLEDGE. I subscribe to each website with an expectation to learn a lot from it. Afraid to miss a potential knowledge source, I spend less time to think whether it's really helpful or not. It's not a competition with a deadline, and I should refrain from abuse subscription in the first place.

#2 Organization: Getting truly organized can vastly improve anyone’s life.

How to organize my inbox? Though I used Sorted for Gmail to turn it to to-do dashboard, still a mess.

At first, I created labels based on three dimensions: contents, delivery pattern, and reading priority to make sure each mail could be tagged clearly. For example, 200WaD's notifications are tagged as "writing", "daily", and "important to-do".

Next, a weekly calendar is made according to the three dimensions above. I would know what I have to read every day. For example, I know each Thursday my favourite Unreadit newsletter is delivered at midnight and it would be the first to read the next morning. Also, each weekend I have to check several weekly summaries or weekly challenges.

#3 Unsubscription: The fewer possessions you have, the more they do for you.

Lastly, unsubscriptions to useless letters regularly are the most essential one to work less and learn more. I thought I can't achieve inbox zero because I'm not productive enough, however, efficiency asks for high-quality, not endless reading contents. It's not a shame for me that I unsubscribed to quora digest because I seldom read it.

Hope I could achieve inbox zero at the end of May!

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